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We at Moonlit Outdoor considered ourselves the Best Christmas Lights Installer in El Paso Tx.  Wouldn’t you like to enjoy the Holidays with fewer hassles? Let’s be honest, You do not have the Time to do it yourself! and also You do not have the Tools to do it safely! We the Christmas Lights Installers in El Paso will assure you that You’ll love our results. We’ll make your Home or Business a Holiday Work of art, Beautiful, Elegant and Fine.

We’ll do the design of your holiday Outdoor Decoration for your residence then we will install the Christmas Lights and then at the end of the Christmas Season we will take down the lights. You just have to celebrate the Christmas season. We are your complete Holiday Decorating Service in El Paso Tx. Also we rent you the Christmas Lights, so you do not have to buy them and have the problem of storing them every end of the Christmas season and then at the beginning of the season next year, we will have to test the lights, replace the inoperative ones, what a big task, so with our service you won’t have to deal with this problem. Christmas Lights Installer El Paso

We use the best material available in the market for the professional installer of Christmas Lights, LED lights, C7 type of lights, we also install wreaths and garland. We can do trimming of your Roof in the front of your Residence, also we can trim your Door or several windows or even install mini lights in shrubs or wrap the trunk of trees or even a column in front of your residence. Christmas Lights Installer El Paso Tx.

Below We present you with the history behind the beautiful tradition of decorating for the Christmas season with lights. We are the Best Christmas Lights Installer in El Paso Tx.




The first Christmas trees lit with candles, and then covered with candles inside glass or metal lanterns with small wicks hanging from the branches of trees like Christmas ornaments to light the Christmas tree. Early Christmas candles were a fire hazard and buckets of water usually remain near the Christmas tree only if a fire had started.

Christmas light

With the invention of the electric light, Christmas tree lighting became much safer and brighter. Electric Christmas lights are one of the unique contributions of the United States to the Christmas holidays that followed the invention of carbonized filament incandescent bulbs in 1879. The next development was the tungsten filament bulbs. The first Christmas tree lights night lights were simply strung together to make light chains. Tungsten light produced gives a whiter light and for the same amount of electricity to publicize nearly three times more light than the electric lights would later coal. The next improvement was the winding tungsten filament gave more in the same space thus lighter bulbs. It was found that by using nitrogen-argon within the bulb life of the lights extend and make more efficient the lights. Tungsten bulbs nitro-argon filled more than two times more efficient than ordinary tungsten bulbs which have its filament in a vacuum. When the electricity market, in general, presented the Christmas lights, they locked immediately. Edison Electric soon followed with an electric lamp Christmas. First Christmas display in New York City Lights was demonstrated in 1882. New Yorkers used eighty, red, white, and blue colors flashing bulb to light the Christmas holiday season. Christmas Lights Installer El Paso Tx

Lights history.

The miniature lights were conceived in 1895 by Ralph E. Morris, an employee of the New England Telephone Company. The idea of lighting Morris occurred while he was looking at the small bulbs in telephone switchboards. Today American to enjoy a variety of colors and shapes of bulbs. In the 1930s the popular lights cartoon figures used were used to decorate Christmas trees.

In the mid-1940s and in the 1950s the country was introduced to the US bubble lights Christmas. The bubble Christmas bulbs have a color tube filled with liquid on top of the light holiday. When Christmas bulbs warm bubbles, the bubbles would rise in the tube Christmas balls bubble lights. Christmas Lights installer El Paso.

LED holiday lights in history.

LED stands for “light-emitting diode.” By definition, the LED bulb is a solid state device that controls a current without heated as tungsten filament bulbs that are common today. LEDs are not bulbs or lamps in the true sense of the word. LED lights are more reliable than tungsten bulbs. The entire unit is fully embedded in an epoxy resin. This embedding makes a nearly indestructible LED light. No loose or moving within the solid epoxy lightbox pieces. They are brighter and can produce an infinite number of colors. An LED light can burn 1,000 continuous hours and Cree LEDs and commercial Luxeon will last for 50,000 hours. The biggest advantage in the amount of electricity used an LED lights or tungsten bulb. Savings of up to 90% energy consumption can be achieved.